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Multi-Discipline company

About multumco

Founded in 2019, Multumco(Pty)Ltd is a privately-owned multi discipline company with a portfolio ranging from ducting Western Cape.

Multumco(Pty)Ltd possesses the vision, insight, and experience necessary to identify, acquire and reinvent business in their respective disciplines to unlock their full potential. The company’s current portfolio includes such current and future icons like Cape Duct.

The Company manages a well-balanced portfolio with precision and excellence that continues to bolster and strengthen Multumco’s reputation. This allows Multumco to capitalize on a wide range of investment opportunities.

The Director is among the most highly regarded industry specialists. Their diverse range of skills and resources provide Multumco with a distinct competitive advantage.

Our organization values collaboration and emphasizes a transparent work environment. The projects that Multumco executes benefit from the shared wealth of knowledge.

How can we help you?

As a multi-discipline company Multumco can offer a wide range of products or services, and we are always exploring new services to offer our customers. 

Multumco(Pty)Ltd divisions

Make your project a success with all duct requirements from Cape Duct in Western Cape. We offer sheet metal fabrication that is done primarily for commercial and industrial HVAC systems

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